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Sorakaze House

The site was located in a quiet residential area, but it was 165 square meters, just under the minimum lot size required by Fukuoka City's development permit system, and there was little land available for construction due to its dais shape. In response to this, the long and narrow east-west volume was moved to the north to secure space on the south side, and a courtyard was partially recessed on the south side of the center of the second floor to allow sunlight from the south and low altitude in winter to enter the building and fall onto the first floor through a stairwell. In addition, in order to open up the space on the east side and bring in more morning sun in winter, the retaining wall and foundation were integrated and the building was moved to the west. This also had the effect of minimizing the need for ground improvement on the weak front side of the dais. The west side of the building is mainly a wall from the viewpoint of heat shielding, and the gable-shaped silhouette of the house is intended to be an impressive wall in a residential area.

 The living room, dining room, and kitchen, where the family gathers, are located on the second floor. By directing light from the courtyard to the staircase, the residents wake up on the first floor, which is moist and warm in the morning, and when they climb the stairs in their sleep, they face the light and go up to the second floor where the family is. From an environmental psychology standpoint as well, the house is named "Sorakaze no ie (house of the sky breeze)" because of the desire to project an image of happy family life into the space, with feelings heightened by the movement, temperature, and brightness of the house.

Purpose / House Site / Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city Year / 2022 Photo / ​Y. Harigane

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