Japanese post and beam structure to China

Exported Timber House

There has been a century-old wooden house the owner was born and raised in this village, and we reconstructed the old house and had it open to the community as a space for interaction. We built a modern house, about the size his family can gather, behind the reconstructed old house and they can enjoy spending in a family circle there. The owner tried to look for the wood at first in China from for the reason he deeply impressed by Japanese highly open wooden house, but there were not appropriate lumbers and processing plants and after that he focused on wood from Kyushu which has an abundant good wood. Hence, we obtained the cooperation of the building firm in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, transported the woods that sawed and processed in Japan, and sent 4 carpenters to China for a short term. We constructed a house of post and beam structure jointly while guiding local craftsmen in engineering.

Purpose / Villa and Exchange facility Site / Chángdé Húnán Shěng,CHINA Year / 2017 Photo / Snap

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