Special Contents

Thank you for coming to the website of Jindesign Co., Ltd. Thanks to you we are able to celebrate 5th anniversary of its founding in 2021. In the past five years, we have been involved in many projects at home and abroad. As a way of thanking and reporting to all of you who have been supporting us, we were actually planning to hold an exhibition to show and present our progress over the past five years, but as some of you know, we had to postpone it due to the effects of the COVID-19. For the renewal of our website, we have decided to release a limited portfolio of our overseas projects and the story of our designs, which had not been made public until now. Please take a moment to register only your e-mail address on this website and access the login member page to view the special portfolio in the form of an illustrated book. We will also be updating information and posting videos only for login members, so please register.

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