Making wooden spaces to consider from distribution vol.2

Imported Timber House

In case of “The House made of Wood from Kyushu” completed in 2017, shipping the wood processed in Kyushu, we construct the wooden house of conventional post and beam structure abroad. It is “Akasaka Wooden House” that we constructed it on a kind of the opposite way in Fukuoka. Directly importing laminated lumber’s plates of the thickness and size, which are not very well used as architectural materials (1.2m*2.4m*15mm), as main material, we used them thoroughly as the material that doubles as furring and finish. We renovated a used reinforced concrete house to a laid-back wooden space excellent in       thermal insulation and humidity adjustment performance.

Purpose / House Site / Fukuoka Year / 2020 Role / Supervision of design Cooperation / M. Matsukawa Photo / ​Y. Harigane

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