Sake bar of once-in-a-lifetime meeting

Ruby Kaigi 2019

We designed a sake bar of “RubyKaigi2019 official party at Kawabata shopping street” that 700 people gather from whole world. We put "once-in-a-lifetime meeting" in this design especially because the event disappears like a magic in 2 hours. It is often that Cost-saving mass-produced building materials are used in the provisional event like this, but it is composed of spaces by temporarily borrowing materials and plants from several places under the slogan of “we borrow to use genuine articles especially because it is provisional” ①The concept of spaces “Field to Table”: the conversion of old goods for sake brewing like Tubs or Funes to the space for drinking Sake like counters or drink bars. ②The concept of landscape gardening “Forest and  Water”: the collage of forests polishing water by borrowing greens at the day from the mountain at Naka river’s upper stream. We could design that especially because Hakata is close to greens area.

Purpose / Event space Site / Hakata, Fukuoka Year / 2019 Photo / ​Jindesign

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