New proposal for three-dimentional urban housing

Grandnoir Fukuoka

This apartment was planned as a three-dimensional urban house combined with a rental housing to support city dwellers and a two-family house the client to watch over his grandmother, who lived alone. It has a configuration that the maisonnette dwelling unit for the client family and 6 units overlapped above the entrance lobby on the ground floor and his mother’s dwelling unit. We intended its appearance to look like one big house by arranging inside and outside spaces in the setback of two roads or the volume taken from the restriction of oblique line. Its rental dwelling units are compact 2LDK but bright and open by having frontages of around 10 m and private inner balconies and cross windows of each dwelling unit make its night landscape warm-hearted. It has an ingenuity to integrally grasp life and landscape like its bicycle parking lots are distributed inside the floors on each floor, taking into consideration crime prevention and the cityscape. It was named Grandnoir Fukuoka, being cited from Daikoku-nagare of Hakata Gion Yamakasa, which the client’s father loves, for Daikoku means big and black in Japanese and Grandnoir also means so in French.

Purpose / Apartment house Site / Hakata, Fukuoka Year / 2019 Photo / ​Y. Harigane

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