Tradition and Innovation

A Pawnshop in Nishijin

This project is for the renewal of the head office which is located in the leading shopping street in Fukuoka and which marked 100th year of the shop opening. We designed a calm façade in order to have people’s eyes caught on it naturally by the contrast with the bustle around and put the wooden signboard made at the time of founding on the entrance. As for the inside, we designed bright neat displays to flatter the diverse of the products in the department of retail sales, and on the contrast designed to lead the line of flow to the department of the pawn / purchase which have been modest from old times. We made a small room in the part of second floor which was a storehouse and reorganized the room as a space for VIP doing small special events or business talks, and proposed versatile service styles.

Purpose / Pawnshop Site / Nishijin, Fukuoka Year / 2017 Photo / ​Y. Harigane

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