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President / First class architect

青木 仁敬

Toyotaka Aoki

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born in Dazaifu city, Fukuoka

Graduated from Shuyukan high school, Fukuoka

Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture, Kyushu University, Fukuoka

Master’s Degree of Architecture, Kyushu University, Fukuoka

worked at Spinglass Architects Co., Ltd. Fukuoka
Presidency of Jin Design Co., Ltd


2009年 日本建築学会技術部門設計競技佳作(第5位)

2009年 日本建築家協会九州卒業設計選奨

2020年 第33回福岡県美しいまちづくり建築賞福岡県建築住宅センター理事長賞最終選考作品(上位3作品)

2021年 Sky Design Awards - The New Black - Silver Prize

Main personal activities

NPO FAF member

Step by step one goes far.

When I knew that Frank Lloyd Wright made a historic masterpiece of Falling water at Sixty nine years of age, I was impressed architects can grow like him and surprised at the fact that I am 63 in 2050. In other words, the architecture that our generations create from now on form the first half of 21st century and those are passed to our children and the next generation.

I established Jin design Co., Ltd. in 2016 when I was 29 after studies and practices of architecture for 11 years after getting into Kyushu University. I got a first class architect license at the age of 26, and after that, I gained practical experience as an architect for 3 years, and then I established our office, so it was born nationally earlier.

I aim for the architect that responsibly relates with cities and architecture for a long while, grows step by step while trying creation of new values.

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