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Itemized Inquiries

We have created individual forms for each of the most frequently asked questions about Jindesign, so please use them to make your inquiries go smoothly.


for Lighting

This is an inquiry form for design firms considering the participation of a lighting designer in a project or competition, and for the general public who want to improve their lighting direction.


for House

This is an inquiry form for people and families who are considering building a new detached house, including those who are looking for land.


for Apartment

This is an inquiry form regarding the design and supervision of rental apartments and business planning, including the utilization of land held by the company and construction for business purposes.


for Renovation

This is an inquiry form for those who want to renovate an old building to acquire a livable residence or create a facility or space.


for Bar&Restaurant

This is an inquiry form for opening or refurbishing a restaurant that is attractive and attracts customers, or a bar that reflects the owner's particular concept. 


for Shop&Boutique

This is an inquiry form about creating stores and spaces for those who are thinking of starting a store or boutique that attractively showcases their works and products.

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for Lecture&Media

We welcome requests for lectures and other events, as well as radio and other media appearances. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute images or text to our publications.


for Various design

We offer consultation in a wide range of design fields, including space design for events, and graphics and packaging for product development.

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for Materials

We welcome recommendations on building materials from manufacturers and others as we continue to learn about new building materials and lighting fixtures.

For other information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.